RPB Global Leadership Exchange

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RPB Global Leadership Exchange 2007 was the first project I made as a member of Weev Brazil.

Requested by EventTouch, the system helps on every steps on organising that event.

This concept was later adopted on BeConnected Framework, a platform designed to handle events of all sizes.

Some examples of useful features are:

  • Easy data administration by the use of profiles;
  • Badge management;
  • Contente Management System for all data;
  • Mailing system;
  • Strong back-end to participant's data. They can be finded and separated by using any data known, since basic information (first name, last name, e-mail) to more specific data (prefered hotel, professional info);
  • Comunity-related features, like forums, knowledge base ranked by the users (participants, contributors, internal staff);


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Personal Profile
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Comunity Forum
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Manage Users
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Requested by

Target Client
ING Group

Executed by
Weev Brasil

My role on the project
Primary analyst and programmer

PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Javascript, HTML