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Login Screen"Fit4care, an innovative disease management software, is used in both the first and second line and thus chain of treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes, renal failure (dialysis) and also for heart failure and increased cardiovascular risk. All applications are made available with several practical examples.

Fit4care is the most user friendly and flexible disease management software currently available and is also the only one which practice has proven. Fit4care is a complete web-based application and therefore access to a PC with browser and Internet connection is enough to make it work. (...)"

Technical Details

A complete Continuous Integration environment has been implemented, using Cruise Control and MSBuild tools. This made possible to implement a release management policy, with automatic builds using 3 different servers (all integrated).

Unit tests as well as interface tests are also part of the development/integration process, aiming a higher level of quality on the final product.

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Analyst and programmer

ASP.Net (VB.Net and C#), Javascript, XML, AJAX
As database, we use MS-SQL server