BeConnected ยป NWE Bank Vervolgadviesaanvraag 2008

Login _smallNWE Bank is the new effort for ING in bank services.

This is one of the events that uses BeConnected Framework as a development platform.

The system helps on every steps on organising that event. People that attended the event are still in touch, using the available comunity tools to share experiences on various subjects.

Some examples of useful features are:

  • Easy data administration by the use of profiles;
  • Badge management;
  • Contente Management System for all data;
  • Mailing system;
  • Strong back-end to participant's data. They can be finded and separated by using any data known, since basic information (first name, last name, e-mail) to more specific data (prefered hotel, professional info);
  • Comunity-related features, like forums, knowledge base ranked by the users (participants, contributors, internal staff);

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Weev Brasil

My role on the project
Analyst and programmer

PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Javascript, HTML