BeConnected Framework

BeConnected Framework is a set of tools that were built to support implementing BeConnected Event Websites. It's intented to be a repository of common resources used on Meetings and Community websites.

Main purpose of BeConnected Framework is to create a programming environment where reusability is the mindset. Once a module is working, it can be used on future events with few programming efforts.

The framework started to be constructed to the IIGP 2007 meeting. After that, every new event was build using the same structure, and the BeConnected Framework growed as the needs started to appear.

Some of its features:

  • Native Object-relational Mapping (ORM) System;
  • Native Security, User and Session Controllers;
  • Mailing Control;
  • Automatically generated Grids;
  • Easy generation of Forms using XML;
  • Install Scripts that ease the installation of updates;

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