Personal Portfolio - Umbraco ยป Classes

Umbraco has the concept of Page Types to define the data structure and look-and-feel of pages. Page Types can be seen as "models" to create real pages.

Each Page Type has:

  • Data Structure - defined by their fields and data types
  • Layout - defined by the Template used by the Page Type

Comparing to the Object Orientation paradigm, a Page Type would be a Class while the Objects created from the class would be the Page itself.

In order to work with Umbraco in a Object Oriented way, I chose to build wrappers to ease the way data is retrieved. 

First I had to create my own API to deal with Umbraco's basic entities:

Click the image to see it bigger


And then created all Business Entities mapping to their respective Data Types:

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This way I'm able to work with Umbraco data in a Strong-Typed way, and totally Object Oriented.