Software Engineering Specialization


This course is being attended at UNISUL- Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina.



The course aims to introduce students to current methodologies and technological resources, providing knowledge to apply the best solutions in the process of software development.

The course also aims to integrate knowledge of methodologies in the areas of management, design and technology, improving the offered solutions in the processes and management of software development.



Module I - Project Engineering
 Software Engineering Principles 15 Computer Science
 Methods and Practices in Requirements Engineering 30 Computer Science
 Business Modeling 30 Administration
 Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflow Fundamentals 30 Computer Science
 Object Oriented Models (UML and ICONIX) 45 Computer Science
 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Fundamentals 30 Computer Science
Module II - Management Engineering
 Information Technology Management 30 Administration
 Methodologies to Support Risk Decisions 30 Administration
 PMP - Project Management Professionals (PMBOK) 30 Administration
 Team Management 30 Administration
Module III - Project Quality
 Software Quality Management - CMMI and certifications 30 Computer Science
 Computer Human Interaction 30 Computer Science


Final Project

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