MeRodrigo Peplau is a Software Developer who started to play around with technology at a very young age. With bits on his veins, he has fun while learns and develops innovative and creative computer solutions.

He believes that the computer should help on pratical tasks and extend our memory and skills.

Because of that, he gives priority to the good communication among the people involved in a project - IT team, managers, project owners, final users, and others.

Always trying to get better, he never looses a chance to read, research and share impressions with others. Process refactories are constantly made, based on experiences acquired project after project.

Artistic Inclinations

Rodrigo Peplau is the lead vocalist of the brazillian heavy metal band Syndrome, and co-author of various compositions on the band. This is a dream for the free time, but maybe one day his dream becomes a job... who knows?

He works so hard because of moments in life...Me on Morro dos Conventos this beatiful day in Morro dos Conventos